Questions for Teddy

  • What is your definition of activism? What are the varying degrees and ways that activism can be enacted and participated in?
  • What drew you to your major? (If I remember correctly, it was Art and Activism or Social Change/Political Action through Art)
  • How do you define the use of art in activism? What medias are used and Why? What are the strategies of those (and yourself) when deliberatively using art? What art the benefits of using art in activism? Why do you think art is used (most appealing, striking…)? Why is art important?
  • In what ways have you used your art for activism? What are the successful moments and the not so successful? What determines success of the endeavor?
  • What is your experience on this campus with creating change? (Project One? Administration? Other Students?)
  • How are steps towards changes and voicing of issues on campus sustained in momentum? What ways have you found most successful?
  •  What has been the most challenging for you personally in your projects for change and process of finding issues and doing something about them? What has been the most rewarding?

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